Thursday, June 15, 2017

Curators Curated

Lelde Kalmite

Lelde Kalmite of the Bridgeport Art Center has curated an exhibit of her fellow artist/curators from around Chicago.

None of them are curators at the area's major museums - but if they were - where would they find time to make art?

She only included a single one of her own pieces in this show.

I like the tension between fiery eruption and cool control.

Betty Ann Mocek

Mocek teaches art at Concordia University - a Lutheran institution about a mile from where I live.

I visited the campus recently.  It's rather conservative.   It felt like travelling back to the 1950's.

Mocek's etchings and linocuts look like they came from the 1930's -- but that's OK with me.

She's my favorite artist in this exhibit. Her urban views are jumping with life.  They're like an energy bath.

Mary Ellen Croteau

This artist/activist currently curates exhibits in a window gallery called ArtOnArmitage.

I never thought I'd be so fond of bottle-cap art.

The choices that she's made keep me going back for another look.

How many millions must she have to find just the right one?

Alan Leder

You might call this abstract photography.

I'm hooked on its mysterious beauty.


There were six other artists in this exhibit - - with quite a variety of interests and media.

But nothing else caught my attention.