Friday, April 28, 2006

Sculpture devotee

Last weekend, I took some new shots of "Adam" - the fragment cut from Milton Horn's "Hymn to Water" -- the monumental relief that, for security reasons, seems to be permanently inaccessible at the Chicago Water Filtration Plant.

I first saw it about 40 years ago (before it was even finished) --- and I think this is why I'm so involved with sculpture -- that figure of Adam -- kind of lost --- kind of yearning -- kind of awake -- kind of asleep -- kind of surprised -- seems to be me -- and I want to be held and created by the giant hand of God -- all depicted in a scene -- which is completely believable by me (even if by no one else)

Here's a view from another angle --- which is the nice thing about a deep relief -- it creates an illusion-scene like a painting -- but the figures also inhabit real space -- and can be walked around.

Gentleness - power -- yearning - fulfillment ---- this is the world in which I want to live -- and the world I'd like to make.


And here's a picture I've just taken of the angel from "At the Brink" -- and if there are angels -- this is how I want them to look: strong, gentle, and dedicated.


Anonymous marly said...

Poignant, and yes, there is something so mixed and inchoate and wondering about the expression on Adam's face that I can imagine it giving birth to desire.

"It's certain there is no fine thing / Since Adam's fall but needs much labouring." (Yeats is still on my mind...)

November 21, 2006  

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