Sunday, June 02, 2013

Cyber Art and the Family

Sometime around the turn the millennium,
my father took up cyber art,
and over the next few years executed about 120 designs.

Sorting out some boxes of junk this weekend,
I discovered a disc that had all of them.
 (BTW - I had completely forgotten that it existed)

Most of these pursued his typical erotic themes,
but these four depict his two children and two grandchildren.

Above is his globe-trotting granddaughter,
who pretty clearly had the world at her feet.
(and still does!)

Here's his other granddaughter who has led a more turbulent life.

A rather grim depiction of my brother
that does not hint
at his extraordinary devotion
to everyone in his family

A rather whimsical depiction of me and my wife
- and the time we once spent floating down rivers.