Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ettore Greco

I first saw a few pieces by Ettore Greco (born in Padua, 1969) two years ago in Chicago's river-north gallery district.

But since the gallery does not open directly onto the street, I couldn't find it again until yesterday, when it showed up on ArtSlant

He's a Rodiniste ! Which has become an ever more rare specialization over the past 80 years.

Not only is it very difficult to carry off -- but who still shares these heroic, athletic ideals?

Even many of the 'Rodin' pieces found in art museums fail to energize their lumps and pits -- so often we're left with bodies that feel like sacks of potatoes. (note: I'm doubting Rodin was at fault -- except that he permitted the duplication of his pieces in a variety of sizes and materials)

These expressions feel a bit more frankly homoerotic than Rodin -- but that's the 21st Century.

... and as we saw in Milwaukee a few weeks ago, Rodin also celebrated the energy of the male torso - with no need for the facial expression of personality or intelligence.