Sunday, October 03, 2010

Fall Antiques Fair : 2010

Antiques Fairs
remind us
of the plethora of human productivity.

It's impossible to study it all,
so my mind focuses down
to just one question:

Does it feel big?

And, on this afternoon,
about the only things that did
were the early Chinese ceramic figures.

Though, given that culture's attitude
toward authenticity and enterpreneurism,
I'd be surprised if everything on display
had been accurately dated.

This could be a Han Dynasty dog.
It sure looks strong.

what a charming scene!

this guy seems familiar,
I may have shot him
at an earlier show.

Shirley M. Jackson
1922 - 2007

Here's a Chicago painter
who should have joined my art club.

Shirley M. Jackson

Not quite beautiful enough,
but still feels good.

Gail Sherman Corbett

As it turns out,
I singled out a painting
by this student of St. Gaudens
in the Fall Antiques Fair of 2008.

So, I guess I like her.

Though, I'm definately a sucker
for snowy days in big cities

Francis Chapin

Another one of his
scenes from Saugatuck, Michigan,
where Chicago artists went to play.

He seems a little tipsy
on this bright sunny day.

Walter Krawiec

Here's some details
from a few of his circus studies.

I've seen many good plein air paintings
over the past few years,
but nobody throws in figures and animals
as well as this Chicago painter did.

I suppose you can tell that
he was a professional cartoonist,
but still,
his sharp characterizations
do not defeat
the feeling of the entire space.


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