Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sanjo Palace Revisited

As noted four years ago
"The Attack on the Sanjo Palace"
in the Boston Museum
is one of my favorite paintings
of all time.

And when I read
Norris Kelly Smith
deplore the
"taste for episodic history"
evident in so many non-Michelangelo paintings
in the Sistine chapel,
I tried to think
of which such paintings
I may have enjoyed.

That's when the Sanjo Palace
came to mind.

And now,
I have discovered
that Bowdoin College
has finally done it justice
on the internet


Even if I lived
in the Boston Museum
I wouldn't be able
to see such details
so conveniently

And what incredible details it has-
so full of variety

and composed with such
strength and vigor

It's like a an entire art museum
all by itself.

This kind of treatment
should be given
to every great painting and sculpture


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