Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Calligraphy of Metal Tubes

I'm not especially a fan of modern, abstract sculpture.

It mostly feels cold and awkward to me.

Nor, do I think the Morton Arboretum is worth the trip.

It's not as wild as a natural area - nor as beautiful as a good garden)

But I'm kind of excited
about what Steve Tobin's statues
do in that space.

Tobin does all kinds of stuff
(like blow up buckets of clay)
which doesn't interest me.

And I'm not enthusiastic
about life-casting.
(the above bronze cast
of some tree roots
is similar to his
famous memorial to 9-11)

But, then he started bending big pipes,
and what can I say?

He's a good figure sculptor!

Here's the first view
I got of his work,
and it really perks up
the dreary flatness
of the Arboretum's
anticeptic slice of nature.

And I love fight scenes.

I also have fond memories
of the hula hoop.

Young football players
huddle together
to plan their next play

This piece feels a bit more ominous,
like one of the squid-like aliens
from War of the Worlds

This enjoyable piece
is made from
canisters used to shoot fireworks

the Kung-Fu masters


Being a former river rafter,
I can remember concoctions like this
washed up along the banks
by former floods.

But none of them
were this satisfying

The bull-whip
is a wonderful thing

More menacing aliens

Fingers dancing over the keys

One creature
sights another,
and only one
may survive the contact

Ball-room dancer
(possibly the tango)


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