Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sister Margaret

Just stumbled across this nice scene today,
in a courtyard beside the DePaul University Library.
(a fine place for it)

The sculptor is Margaret Beaudette S.C.

These figures
have such dignity
and charm.

They avoid
feeling small, cute
and saccharine.

and hold their space
in a gentle kind of way

while fitting together
as an interactive tableau

Sister Margaret has a knack
for simple expression

The face of a good, healthy person
is a very important thing to portray.

And every time/place/artist
does it just a little different

The face and figure
of a kind, wise person
is a very important thing
to express as well.

But this is exactly the kind of expression
that is categorically excluded
from institutions of contemporary art.

And I would even be surprised to find
this piece shown in the art museums
of our two local Catholic universities,
DePaul and Loyola.

(and even more surprised
if an artist like Sister Margaret
were teaching in their art departments)


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