Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kishi Ganku : Bamboo Forest

Kishi Ganku (1749-1838)

Bamboo, 1829

Slowly, but surely
I'm putting up images of the Japanese screen exhibit
running at the Art Institute until the end of this month.

And it occurred to me yesterday,
during my weekly visit,
that this screen is my favorite.

however much I like the others,
they all look a little weak
after spending some time in this bamboo forest.

And what especially surprised me,

is that the artist
was 80 years old
when he painted
these 12 screens.

he is most renowned for his tigers,
but from the images I've seen online
they're not quite up to the
tigers painted by Andy Chan of Chicago

Can you imagine having these screens
serve as a wall in your living room?

I would never leave the house.


Anonymous marly said...

All the same, perhaps these elegant stripings of bamboo could never have been so lovely had he not devoted himself to the tiger...

September 09, 2009  

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