Saturday, May 30, 2009

My own Sculpture Garden

delivered my opinion
of the new sculpture garden
at the Modern Wing of the Art Institute
(actually -- there's two,
but the one on the ground floor
was too dreadful to think about)

... I guess I should offer a view of my own.

(or should we call it
"an installation"?)

Looking west towards the house
while approaching from the studio

The standing figures
are being completed
as we speak.
(they were cast last year)

The bust was made about 8 years ago
(I just re-discovered it
while cleaning out the studio)

They all seem to fit together
(at least from this view)

But if there's a narrative,
God knows what it would be.


Blogger Robert said...

Shame it is only a cyber visit to your garden, I told Conrad I would love to see your face if we turned up unexpectedly in your jazz shop one day!

She's got quite a shapely tummy Chris, the one closest to the camera. Yes she's comely and more-ish, you have to keep looking again and again!

What is the story behind the one at the back, must have take a long time to do.

June 04, 2009  

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