Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Artopolis 2009 - Antiques Fair

The Antiques Fair
was really strong on Tang Dynasty stuff this year.

What a nice lady
to come
galloping across the sofa.

and then they had two
wonderful monsters

I may be trying something like this at home
this year

I think my front yard
needs one of these

wish I'd gotten a better photo of this
Han Dynasty fish vendor.

I've never seen anything quite like him.

Edgar Simone

This Italian sculptor
was in Chicago in the 1940's,
and he was completely new to me

Edgar Simone

I'm not sure
why anyone would want
such a figure,
but it was hard to avoid.

Charles Drew Cahoon (1861-1951)

Here's the only painting that flipped my switch
in the Antique Fair this year.
So simple - so precise

(a Cape Cod painter)

This fine head was
labeled "unknown Chicago sculptor"

... but it sure resembles
John Storrs
head from last year.


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