Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fragments of Louis Sullivan

I'm a Louis Sullivan fan.

Not that I have to see
everything he ever designed.

But if he hadn't lived,
I think I'd be someone else.

(I once began a discussion of him here )

These pieces are so alive.

So it was really sweet
to see these fragments on display
to celebrate some kind of anniversary for him.

I love these heads
that were part
of the sadly demised
Garrick Theatre

No idea who sculpted them.

But... who made the sculpture heads at Chartres?

And what a treat to find
some of his life drawings on the wall.

No, Sullivan does not appear
to have done a lot of these.

He shows little familiarity
with composing the volumes
in and around the human body.

But you see
that his eye-hand
is dead on.


Blogger Robert said...

Hands are always a giveaway, if you can do them it proves serious talent.

I too enjoy this work (in moderation) an elaborate disciplined doodle!

Trust all is well in Chicargo.

July 19, 2010  

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