Tuesday, June 05, 2007

500 Bad Italian Sculptors

O.k. -- there's not really 500 of them (only 488)
and not all of them are bad
(especially the one shown above,
by Francesco Messina )(whose admirers have made another website for him here

But Messina (1900-1995) comes from the great generation
of European sculptors -- and almost everyone else on
this site
is at least 50 years younger.

(note: an explanation for this site
can be found here , but my Italian is too primitive to translate it)

Rino Giannini

And actually -- there's several more
that I liked from the site,
although most of them, like this sculptor ,
are at least as old as I am

Rino Giannini

A full length, nude self portrait
at the age of 40 ?!?!

He's a bolder man than I am !
(and also quite a technician,
since this standing figure is terracotta)

Vanni Penone

A rather obvious homage to a similar piece by the great Martini

Marcello Giannozzi

I really like this piece,
but as happened so often on this site,
it's the only piece by him that I enjoyed.

Marco Cornini

I guess this story is rather obvious,
but I like obvious
(and I hope it's not the girl's father
who picks up the phone)

Mario Pecoraino

Massimo Galleni

For whatever reason,
Italians have always been nuts about marble,
and many will still commit themselves
to achieving a high level of proficiency

Francesco Stefan

Giacomo Ceccarelli

Gino Molisano

Adriano Bozzolo

Adriano Bozzolo

Alberto Inglesi

Anna Maria Ferrari

Anna Maria Ferrari

Anna Maria seems to be my favorite
of the younger (born after 1950) sculptors shown on this site.

Alba Gonzales

And finally, I chose this one to
speculate on all the stuff that I didn't like.

Because I'm sure that Alba could make something
that pleases me,
but he feels this insane compulsion
to make something bizarre,
i.e. recognizably contemporary.


Blogger Robert said...

Some of Anna's stuff is a bit more than just quite sensuous is it not? This is my favourite one of hers:


June 05, 2007  
Anonymous Amanda J. Sisk said...

"Bad" also has that connotation of "really cool" -- so it took a moment to realize that you were writing what I was thinking. Kudos for investigating, nonetheless.

Um, if I turn out to be #501(geographically speaking), you'll be nice, right?

June 05, 2007  
Blogger chris miller said...

Amanda, if I had seen those two small portraits of yours up on this site -- they would have been included in the above group (of ones I like)

And now I realize that -- hipster that I am -- I've never used the word "bad" when I really meant "good"

June 05, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...mmm don't you like my works?
I love comments positive or negative.. they make me a better worker..
...sorry for my english
giacomo ceccarelli

June 13, 2007  
Blogger chris miller said...

No -- wait -- Giacamo -- your "Fanciullo" was one that I liked !

(and I wish you'd show a larger picture of your altarpiece -- and if you send me one - I'll put it on my website

June 13, 2007  

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