Saturday, May 19, 2007

What's Blooming on Harrison: 2007

After suffering through so much Artopia,
I was just wondering,
how well it might compare
with my neighborhood Summer art fair,
the one on Harrison Street in Oak Park

And as you can see,
my local art fair isn't so bad....

I'm a real fan of that central piece,
with its fade-in fade-out brush painting

Here's a close-up

...and a wonderful variety of texture and color,
and watery forms that seem
to belong in a pond
(or fish tank)

a small, glimmering world of beauty

Then, there's these more masculine, earthy pieces,
ready to be buried,
and then excavated in a few thousand years
to the appreciative gasps of future archeologists

A small bottle
suitable for that mystical elixir
that prolongs life for many centuries


But to be completely candid.....
this art fair was many miles beyond awful --
even among summer art fairs
it was at the bottom of a very deep barrel --
a festival of junk jewelry and bead necklaces,
and paintings that should only be shown
in a braille museum.

All of the above pieces were found on
one small table -- behind which stood
my good friend John Putnam
"The mad potter of Oak Park"

There was only one more
nice piece at the show...
this mural on the edge of the

It feels a bit generic -
like a shopping mall version
of an outdoor urban mural,
with zero political content.

but at least it's fun and enjoyable


Blogger marlyat2 said...

And now I know not only the back of your head but the shadow of your hands and arms! Mysterious fellow, the sage of Mount Shang.

I like these pots. Nice strong shapes. Being a Carolinian, I like pots and have a good many.

How mad is he, the P. O. P.? Mad Potter doesn't have quite the ring of Mad Hatter, but it's not bad.

May 22, 2007  
Blogger chris miller said...

I never noticed ! (the shadow of my hand, that is)

How mad is the P.O.P. ?

He's pretty mad at the current executive branch of American government -- but usually he's quite placid.

May 22, 2007  
Blogger Lori Witzel said...

Those pots -- especially the brown ones -- have such presence.

And the fact that he's using a groggy clay (at least on the brown) always impresses, since I remember trying to throw on the wheel (not an activity I was any good at) with a groggy clay that abraded my fingertips and palms.

Re: the painterly styles you're seeing in my photos...I guess I can't help the bleed-through. I remember a painter friend being quite exasperated with me, because I had a hard time seeing the sky without seeing Watteau, Turner, Bierstadt, etc. filtering by.

I kind of like it like that, though -- seeing through other's eyes doesn't take a thing away from the sky, and it becomes a little more play-time for me.

May 22, 2007  
Anonymous marly said...

Well, that is a relief, isn't it?

Sometimes I think that you notice everything!

May 23, 2007  
Anonymous the Pot Boy said...

More pots for you:

June 15, 2007  

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