Monday, April 30, 2007

My Friend Misha

I just had to whip out the camera
when I saw Misha lurking in the shadows of our club's studio
cold-staring at his figures,
(he's working on both simultaneously from the same model)
as he queries the Almighty:

"What needs to be fixed? "

Misha labors under the same burden as myself,
being the son of a more talented (but still obscure) father-artist

And, like myself, he is a mass of contradictions:

He's not religious -- but he's a member of two temples.
He fled USSR 25 years ago - but he thinks "Buuuush" is even worse.
He's an obsessive artist,
but seems to be even more obsessive about fixing old beaters
or programming his computer.

He's a humbug
through and through
("what is humbug?" I can hear him ask in his thick Russian/Hebrew accent)

and with my dancing Nordic eyes,
I'll just smile back at him.

"We're all humbugs",
he will finally conclude,
and I will have to nod in agreement.


Blogger Robert said...

It would be fun to visit Room B and to meet the humbugs within but I am not so sure about the Inuit exhibition, that I regret may be expressed with polite interest.

I have enjoyed the debate over on Conrads and John B's too Chris. Good to think about these things sometimes.

May 01, 2007  

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