Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sandro La Ferla
is one of those great ideas that someone finally had:
An open-invitational website for figure drawing
that's juried every month by a different gallerist.

Margaret Cherubin

Admittedly -- it can be tough on the viewer,
since with absolutely zero quality control,
a lot of excavation is required before you strike gold.

Alex Knowlton

..and even though the only things kept in the archive,
are the 30 favorites that a different gallerist selects every month,
my favorites are often not chosen.

Emily Stedman

So.. I've decided to make my own little web gallery
of what I like.

Unfortunately, it's too late for me retrieve the
ones that the gallerists ignored

Chanit Roston

So the ones shown above have been
pulled from the monthly vetted archives.

Jackie Garrick Waldman

But from now on...
I'll be looking for things I like,
and saving them before they get deleted.

Lenny Moskowitz

As you might imagine,
the ones I've chosen are not at all
characteristic of all the things shown,
which if not photographs,
show almost zero sensitivity for
human form and spatial design.

But everyone has their own opinion,
don't they ?

My own contribution (from last November)


Blogger Lori Witzel said...

Am glad you grabbed a few to share -- much of what I found by the time I got to that site was less than wonderful.

You may have sifted out some of the best; thank goodness I could dash back and see them!


May 27, 2007  
Blogger Art Lister said...

Thanks for posting a comment a blog about barebrush, but you should tell your viewers that barebrush is a CONTEST and that of course we get a variety of artwork, so some work is better than others, and that the site changes constantly. There are no restrictions on who can upload art. The only rule is it must be a nude. The premise is that it's okay to enjoy the art of the nude.

Each month a different guest curator (art professional) selects the N*DES-OF-THE-MONTH -- and all of the winners are always visible at the site. If viewers are adventurous and want to see everything in the contest, they go to the "Art Log" where the New Art is posted. If they just want to see the winners, they go to the N*des-of-the-Month. They can even vote for their favorites in the current calendars.

Anyone who doesn't understand the concept is welcome to look at the barebrush video at the website or on youtube. And if you still have questions, let me know.


Ilene Skeen
CEO & creator of
ILS Designs, LLC

PS: Most of the artworks that you picked to show on your blog are visible at barebrush in the calendars for which they were selected as winners.

May 29, 2007  
Blogger chris miller said...

Thanks, Ilene for getting Barebrush off the ground and doing all the work to continue to make it happen.

I'll be combing through the results every month looking for favorites and adding them to this post.

May 30, 2007  

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