Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dutch Galleries

Marlies Heylmann

Thanks to Amanda Sisk I've discovered yet another Dutch gallery that specializes in non-contemporary figure sculpture.

Maite Duval

Peter Oerftemeyer

Jan De Graaf

Peter Oerftemeyer

Erwin Meijer

Maite Duval

Lotta Blokker

This is the one to which Amanda links from her site -- and I guess I don't share her enthusiasm for it.

But like the others, it does seem to be emerging from the goofy or depressing or ironic or creepy or despairing that contemporary art requires from figure sculpture.


Anonymous Joy In Life said...

Clarification: This happened to be the first image visible in her works (Blokker's) collected on the site. I am partial to "Precipice" and the figure carrying another on its back. I think there is a fine touch in her portrait heads. This piece you've indicated clearly echoes the awkward stance in work by her former instructor/colleague, Robert Bodem.

September 17, 2006  
Blogger chris miller said...

Just got back tonight from a modern dance performance -- and Blokker/Bodem seem to be presenting those kinds of expressive postures.

But I guess I want something else from sculpture. Nor am I as fond of her portraits --as I am of yours.

Thanks again for the link and the comments.

September 17, 2006  

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