Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fountain of the Great Lakes

This is Lorado Taft's "Fountain of the Great Lakes" completed in 1913

Now installed against a blank wall of the south wing of the Art Institute

Within a very pleasant garden courtyard, behind a rectangular pool

Though it originally had a more magnificent setting --- set before, not against, a classical facade -- broken by windows and columns -- and within a circular pool that raised it another three-feet off the ground -- giving it the opportunity to measure and control a much greater space. (it feels like a fountain in Rome, doesn't it ?)

These seem to be simple mid-west college girls

Dressed up in togas for a soiree at the sorority house. And I do wonder why they're spilling the water onto each other, instead of into the basins that they carry (each basin is supposed to represent one of the great lakes: Michigan, Superior, Ontario etc)

From the front -- it feels a bit heavy-handed and cluttered

But from the sides -- this statue does have some majestic views


Anonymous Joy In Life said...

I remember this from school fieldtrips to the Art Institute! I enjoy the grandeur of that original setting, but there is something mildly reclusive in its current placement, set down the alley of trees, that I prefer. Except I'm not thrilled about the wall behind it.

September 12, 2006  

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