Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paula Gerard

There's something so poignant about an artist's self-portrait.

People continuously present themselves to each other -- with just the right look for each flashing moment -- but a portrait has a look that's frozen forever in time.

I never knew Paula Gerard (1907-1991)-- but I met her portrait last week at the home of one of her many students from the Art Institute, Jeff Varilla. She must have liked him -- to have given him this demo-portrait -- and they seem to have had a certain quiet seriousness in common.

She taught drawing -- and here's one of them, from the collection of the Smithsonian.

And that's something else she had in common with Jeff -- her talents and interests were more appropriate for another time and place.


Here's another Gerard drawing
that was kindly sent by the
gentleman commenting below.

This drawing may now be seen at
Paul Davis Pharmacy,
3628 W. Wrightwood (Chicago)
as well as work by Twyla Gettert and Moishe Raviv.
(sounds like my kind of drug store !)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Miller, I have a Gerard print I think is amazing. Contact me here if you want a picture of it for some reason.

June 25, 2007  

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