Saturday, August 19, 2006

Frank Dobson

Frank Dobson (1888-1963) had two problems: one was named Henry Moore -- whose reputation almost totally eclipsed Dobson's career -- and the other was himself, as he began to make things less like the above (1927) and more like the below (1951)

But back in the 20's -- he was quite a sculptor

(if I could make a collection of erotic sculpture -- this 1927 piece called "Siesta" would be in it)

This piece, "Cornucopia" of 1925 may have been his most famous. Clive Bell called it "the finest piece of sculpture by an Englishman since-I don’t know when’ - and Kinteon Parkes included it in the "Art of Carved Sculpture". But I'm not quite so impressed by the photos that I've seen.

I'm also less enthusistic about the above -- these things just don't achieve the monumentality that I want for them.

But could this man draw !!

I love his life drawings -- and would admire him just as much if that's all he ever did.


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