Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kineton Parkes and British Sculpture

In 1931, the British art critic, Kineton Parkes, published a two-volume survey of 20th Century sculpture called "The Art of Carved Sculpture" -- in which he presented and discussed the "most significant" (i.e. those whom he likes best) direct stone carvers of his time. (i.e. those who design the piece while carving it -- rather than executing a stone copy of a clay model.)

There was a certain enthusiasm for this procedure at this time -- it was felt to be more classical - i.e. more natural -- while it also attached to enthusiasms for decoration and craftsmanship.

I'm not sure that I share that enthusiasm -- but what I do share - by in large -- is KP's taste in sculpture. For artists with whom I was already familiar, I think he's chosen the best examples -- and for those of whom I'd never heard --- I'm so glad he's introduced them to me !Probably 50% of the sculptors that he discusses were completely unknown to me -- and I've been exploring this period in some detail for the past five years.

I'm showing the British sculptors first -- and all of the ones shown below were completely new to me. (and BTW -- there's little or nothing for any of them on the internet)

Alfred Turner

Gilbert Ledward

Gilbert Ledward

Alan Durst

Andre Abbal

William McMillan

Richard Garbe

H. Tyson Smith

John Rebull

Henry Poole


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