Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lorenzo Dominguez

The poet, Ramponi

Another gift from the internet -- the son of Lorenzo Dominguez (1901-1963) showed me the website the family made for his father -- cataloging all the work made in Chile, Spain, and finally Argentina.

Father Sebastian from Easter Island

His portraits are what blow me away -- so simple -- so different -- so expressive -- reminding me of the great Japanese portraits of the 14th Century -- as if there were an interior life that was bursting outward to become the features of a face, rather than an attempt to copy what a person looks like.

Professor Lipshultz

Whether of specific people like the ones above

Prim Young Lady


Santa Olalla

Or types of people

I also think he did a very strong crucifix (this one was cast in bronze 25 years after it was modeled)

I'm less enthusiastic about his female nudes -- he gives them such heavy feet !
But this one is my favorite.

(I get the feeling that he was one epiphany away from becoming a priest)


Anonymous Joy In Life said...

The website made good reading. What an exciting culture he surrounded himself with: "In Lorenzo Domínguez's workshop one could model, carve, draw, or talk." - And the man seemed genuinely committed to his wife, which is always refreshing to me. As for the work itself, I find some of the portrait heads to be especially strong. Versatile in material. I would greatly like to read what he wrote on Easter Island - do you suppose that is available anywhere?

September 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad I stumbled across this site. It is one of the most interesting and informative I have found. I will visit often. Thanx

September 30, 2006  
Anonymous Fernan Dominguez said...

To mountshang: Thank you very much for your very interesting and kind comments about my father's work.
For the sake of precision, I want to clarify that the catalog on the internet was created by my sister Federica, her husband, Alberto Colavita and my mother, Clara Digiovanni, with minor contributions by other members of the family

To joy in life; At the time of his death, Lorenzo Dominguez was writing a book on the art of Easter Island; my mother, Clara Digiovanni organized his notes to complete a missing chapter, and the book was published posthumously as "Las Esculturas de la Isla de Pascua". It has not been translated into English and is very difficult to find today. It is my intention to create an electronic version for distribution over the internet.

Separately, I have transcribed his complete notes, written during his year long stay in Easter Island as a letter to Clara. The text --in Spanish only--, is available in PDF format on a CD. It will be available on the website currently under construction

Thanks to all,
Fernan Dominguez

October 03, 2006  

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