Monday, January 15, 2007

Illustration art

David Apatoff singled out this scene around a WWII monument for special recommendation -- for though "executed with a dull crayon,it conveys astonishing subtlety and sensitivity."

Which got me thinking about graphics of Goya -- and what qualities they might share -- or not.

Goya doesn't give me the immediate feeling of the marking-crayon --- and Briggs doesn't give me the delicious color of value or profound sense of space.

There's also a different moral/spiritual world view here, isn't there ? Goya still seems to be in that sacred, mythic world of Baroque painting -- where drama is cosmic -- while Briggs lives in a world where drama is more personal (as the hunched-shoulders character seems to say "we met the monster of war -- and we're still here, baby !"

Maybe if Briggs hadn't drawn such an ugly statue, I would have enjoyed him more -- but if the statue isn't ugly -- and if the design doesn't have a consequent sense of smallness -- it would be presenting a much different feeling -- from a much different world.

BTW -- I can't make out the text on the statue's plinth -- but then, I'm never sure I've got the right translation of the text appended to Goya lithographs either)

BTW II --- David's post on Briggs was inspired by Leif Peng who also has a wonderful blog about illustration - though limited to the 40's and 50's.

I can't believe that there's only two illustration blogs in English -- and where are the blogs for magazine illustration in Spanish, German, French etc ? Where are the blogs for editorial cartoons ? Aren't there more people who love and want to talk about these things ?

At least I've found a blog for comic books - for those who still nourish the pre-adolescent-child-within ('nuff said)


Anonymous marly said...

Left you an epic but
Blogger ate it, so now I
Leave a faux haiku.

You know Drawn!, don't you? It's not a blog but has a blog feel, with lots of comments. Recently they featured the Brazilian artist who illustrated a hc jacket / pb covers for two of my books:

Here's an off-the-beaten-track source for cartooning and illustration and more: It's the faculty page from The Center for Cartoon Studies.

January 17, 2007  
Blogger chris miller said...

Marly -- please ! -- write your comments in a text file before putting them on Blogger (and often losing them)

It's so painful wondering what you wrote here that I will never read.

A lost epic ?

Ouch !

January 18, 2007  
Anonymous marly said...

It was probably only the sheerest blather!

January 19, 2007  

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