Thursday, March 12, 2015

El Arte En La Vida

El Arte En La Vida is a prolific blog of contemporary art.

Laura Nucenovich  (Argentina)

As it does something clever  to attract attention, this is typical of the sculpture shown by this prolific blogger.  

Jonathan Owen (Great Britain)

But cleverness is a one-and-done kind of experience.

Guy Dill (United States)

What interests me more are pieces that may, or may not, feel clever
 -- but which have a more vibrant  inner life  -  or inter-connectedness  - of forms.
As in the above.

Fugino Sachiko (Japan)

This ceramic of a funky old  box is possibly  clever enough to attract attention.
But it also has the interior strength of traditional Japanese pottery.

Adam Henein (Egypt, born 1929)

And here are the many figure sculptors I discovered - all of them completely new to me - which was rather surprising since my figure sculpture website currently lists over 1300 sculptors who worked during or after the 20th Century.

Amancio Gonzalez (b. 1965, Spain)

Bruno Walpoth (b. 1959, Italy)

Daniel-Joseph Bacque  (1874-1947, France)

Eduardo Barnes (1901-1977, Argentina)

Hakon Anton Fageras   (b. 1975, Norway)

Manuel Mediavilla  (b. 1972, Spain)

Margaret Wozniak  (Poland-U.S.A.)

Pere Sala (b. 1962, Spain)

Rodney Alan Shaw (1935-2014, U.S.A.)

Sofie Muller  (b. 1974, Germany)

Stefan Bedrich  (1896-1982, Czech)

Steve Gibson (b.1964, U.K.)

Ugo Riva  (b. 1951, Italy)

Victor Rousseau  (1865-1954, Belgium)




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