Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Goldman Collection 2014

Allesandro Maganza, 1580

This is the second appearance of the Goldman's Italian drawing collection in the gallery which they funded and  to which the museum attached their name.

(It first appeared six years ago, and I wrote about it here )

Absent is the recently attributed Raphael (what happened to it ?) --as well as the Cambiaso (that one I really miss)

Andrea Sacchi, 1650


Baldassari Franceschini,1640

Battista Franco, 1650

Gallery signage notes that this may have been drawn from life -- or from a wax maquette.


Francesco Ballegrini

Giacomo Cavedone

Giovanni Francesco Bezzi, 1565

Girolamo Muziano

Giuseppe Cesari

These are some rather fine details - but overall this drawing, as well as the others, are no more than studies or storyboards -  and I don't share the artworld's fascination with them.

But then, when I look up images of the paintings done by the same artists -- they don't look too appealing either. 

As I recall, the museum's last exhibit of contemporary figure drawing occurred about 25 years ago - and very few of those, if any, were drawn from live models.



These two Guercino's were drawn on two sides of the same sheet.



Gulido Breni, 1620

Lodovico Cardi, 1610

Lodovico Cardi, 1611

Lodovico Carracci, 1580's

Marco Marchetti, 1580

Piero Berrettini, 1524

Simone Cantarini, 1637



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