Friday, February 27, 2015

In Praise of Gwynn Murrill


Gwynn Murrill states:

 “My interest lies in the fact that I use the subject as a means to create a form that is abstract and figurative at the same time. It is a challenge to try and take the form that nature makes so well and to derive my own interpretation of it.”

This duality sets her apart from most of the animaliers of today -- but joins her to many sculptors of the past.

Like ancient Egypt, for example:

She doesn't do wild animals - she does those family members who happen to be dogs, cats, or horses.

Sweet -- funny -- strong
A good combination.


All that's missing is an elegant young lady holding the leash.  (hopefully as nude as her canine companion)


But then, for some reason, a few years back she did a series of coupling human figures.

One reviewer thought they were having sex -- the artist calls them "wrasslers"

Either way (and they could be doing both) they're interesting -- but unfortunately the small image shown above is the only one available on the internet.




Blogger Robert said...

Not much wrestling going on there Chris.

March 03, 2015  

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