Saturday, September 01, 2012

Minneapolis Institute : African

Mali, 1200-1400 AD

It turns out that the Minneapolis Institute of Art has quite a good collection of non-European art.

Nok, Nigeria, 500 BC

Bamana, Mali, 20th C.

Djenne, Mali, c. 1450

The date of this sub-Saharan wood carving is rather hard to believe -- but apparently it has been confirmed with tests.

I neglected to shoot the label - which is quite a shame, because I love this goofy piece with the torpedo breasts.

(update: I just found it online ,
it's a Satimbe mask from Dogon, 20th C. )

Asante, Ghana, comb, 20th C.

Yoruba, Nigeria, Diviner's staff, 20th C.

Ding, Congo, 19th C.

Bambana or Dogon, Mali, 20th C.

Kusu, Congo, 19th C.

Overall, I think the curators/collectors involved had a sharper eye than their colleagues in Chicago.

But for some reason they believe that world art should be displayed in a much dimmer light than that which shines on the European pieces shown on the second floor.


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