Monday, April 09, 2012

Thomas Schwanthaler

Here's another sculpture I found at the Krannert Art Museum
and the sculptor is completely new to me,
Thomas Schwanthaler (1634-1707.

His father, like mine, was a German Baroque woodcarver,
so even though I'm not in his long lineage
(7 generations of Schwanthalers were
making sculpture until the mid-19th Century)
I still feel some kinship
with his light hearted approach to statuary
that blossomed during the counter Reformation
in Bavaria and Austria.

St. Joseph
appears to be dancing
although possibly
he was rocking a cradle


I wish I had more, and larger
views of his angels.

Quite a tableaux.

St. Barbara bears a strong resemblance
to Meryl Streep.

This is the kind of big project
that he's famous for.

Love these angels.


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