Sunday, April 08, 2012

H. D. Tylle

H.D. Tylle, born in Beyreuth, 1955, is a painter of industrial facilities.

Who wants to look at factories?

To begin with, their owners/designers/builders do
- like the Milwaukee industrialist
who commissioned him to paint the above

These lively scenes don't really make me want to visit these places.

But I do enjoy watching him manipulate-arrange
pictorial space in a dramatic way
whether in a studio painting

or in an on-site quick sketch

And he does a nice job
with character, too well as action figures

Here's an interpretive copy he made
of a 19th C. view of a factory
from that era,
and you'll note that this kind
of Romantic narrative
is absent from Tylle's views

Here's a construction site
as painted by Erich Mercker in the 1930's

...and you'll note that the Third Reich's kind of heroicism
is also absent from Tylle's scenes

Instead, Tylle's factories
are kind of a chaotic maze

.. and have more in common
with Piranesi's Carcere.

..or with this 1970's street scene
by the Kansas City painter,
Lester Goldman

This would be nothing more
than competent illustration,
except that the colorful details
seem to be working themselves up
into a frenzy
that has nothing to do
with technology.


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