Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Santana

I'm afraid that every year
I'm becoming more of a fan
of Enrique Santana,

the old Spanish dude
who came to Chicago 20 years ago,
fell in love with the lake and the architecture
and never went home

these are all very large paintings
and believe me,
they are much more effective in person.

He even does well with these
interior views
that otherwise
I would avoid ever visiting

On this trip to his gallery,
I learned more about his life --

he never went to art school.

He just liked to make paintings,
found that he could sell them
to help cover his tuition
to study psychology,
and eventually dumped that career
in favor of visual poetry.

(and who could imagine that the
Chicago Merchandise Mart,
a monstrous, painfully ugly building,
could ever look so good ?)


Anonymous marly said...

I liked the ones you showed last time; these I like very well, too. The architecture all looks skewed from our own age, a bit magical with distance: the last archaic and monumental, the first like something from another world, the middle one with a sort of penetrating oddnesss made up of that commanding, demanding corridor and the odd little stair up to luminous blocks. And that lovely greeny water reminds me of another one of his that you hung in the Mountshang gallery.

October 21, 2008  

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