Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sculpture mystery #1

What a find!
A life size carving
for $5000 on the internet.

Were I a collector,
I would scoop it right up

... even if the seller has mis-identified it
as early 19th C.

Add a hundred years
and that would be about right.

Who's the sculptor ?

Well -- if this were China,
we could call it "Maillol"
and leave it at that.


it's probably someone
far less famous,
someone completely unknown,
but very ,very good.

Sweet and beautiful,
all it's lacking
is a famous name


Blogger Robert said...

I know this is not you taking the photos Chris, but why do people insist on taking photos of dark sculpture with a flash. It is difficult to see the proportions and specific details like hands and feet. It destroys good form analysis. (It is best in my opinion, to photograph a work from some distance with full optical zoom from ‘half mast’ so reducing the effect of foreshortening. Useing a long exposure rather that flash with careful lighting is I think essential.)

The hair style should be a giveaway to dating it. Why no back view? German/Scandinavian bottoms are a different shape from Latin/ French or African ones!!!! Vive la difference, in the straight sense.

A lot of work has gone into this work and for a price like that it is worth every cent. I like wood as a medium very much and admire anyone who can carve to that standard, but that's as far as I will go.

Better that an old ceramic Chris!

October 11, 2008  

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