Saturday, September 13, 2008

Museum in chaos - part 2

The Art Institute is in total chaos these days.

The Impressionist paintings have been sent to Texas,
many of the galleries are closed
and everything else has been moved.

All in preparation for opening the new Modern Wing
next year.

So... now I'm noticing some pieces
I hadn't seen before.

Maybe they've always been there
but I just missed them.

Or maybe not.

One piece I'm sure wasn't there,
is the Matisse print shown above.

What fine line drawing!
Just like Picasso did
in his series for Vollard.

Then there's this portrait
by Gerard Soest c. 1660

I'd never noticed it before.

and what a strange hand
this man has!

It's the hand of a young woman.

I know that gentlemen
were not supposed to work,
but still...

I also don't remember this
Madonna by Tiepolo.

Maybe because I don't really like it.

It's not terrible --
it just isn't great,
which is what I expect from that painter

G.B. Tiepolo was such
a prodigious designer
of little scenes like this in his drawings.

But these scenes are just .... blah.

(though it is neat how the
figure casts a shadow
against it)


Blogger Robert said...

The Madonna by Tiepolo looks very colourful at least. Better than some!

September 25, 2008  

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