Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Most Unforgettable Character

Here it is -
from Christopher J. Miller - Homeroom 142
(was I in 5th grade ? I'm not sure)

And yes -
it does seem that
young Christopher had already realized
that his father was an art bum.

(and obviously he
thought that would be a good
way to live !)


Blogger Robert said...

You should have been awarded at least a star for that Chris!

July 07, 2008  
Blogger chris miller said...

One star ? Perhaps -- but there's too many speling errors to deserve any more.

July 07, 2008  
Anonymous Amanda J. Sisk said...

Spelling errors are one of my pet peeves, but I must say that I enjoy yours! My favorite sentence has to be:

"He takes particular delight in watching his neighbors frown and stare at the things he has or the things he does..."

July 07, 2008  
Blogger Robert said...

Didn't know you could get more than one star, my spelling was so bad I never even saw a star, but Amanda's right I like that line too.

July 08, 2008  
Blogger chris miller said...

I can only remember one teacher who gave out stars -- was it third year? -- and I much preferred that system of recognition to grades.

We all had little black notebooks in which the silver,gold, and red stars would be pasted -- and I suppose I liked the idea of cumulative achievement (my little notebook got crammed full of them) -- while with grades (A through F), you're only as good as your last test.

The only other document I can remember from those years -- was my drawing of a naked man that got me in trouble.

My parents were notified -- and they probably told me that if I wanted to make such drawings, don't do them at school. (but of course -- that was the whole fun of it!)

July 08, 2008  
Blogger Bill said...

That drawing of a naked man, it would be too much to hope for that you still might have it. Fun to imagine though.

July 09, 2008  
Anonymous Amanda J. Sisk said...

Do you still have it?

July 10, 2008  
Blogger chris miller said...

I'm afraid my parents were not as proud of my drawing as of my writing - so all my youthful drawings are lost: the naked men, guns, tanks, and torture devices in which I used to specialize.

July 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that you wrote your dad taking special delight in engaging salesmen. he must have been a tremendous character! And enjoying the look of befuddlement on a neighbour's face? Just lovely and rather delightfully perverse. No wonder you wrote about him. Your vocabulary, for a grade 5 was remarkable. Big deal about the spelling... you don't spell like that any more :-) , at least you struggled to give form to multisyllabic words, which is just great. No wonder your parents liked your writing - insightful and out of the ordinary.
Torture devices, eh? If you come upon those drawings. maybe post them? G and GEM

July 12, 2008  
Anonymous marly said...

Ah, I love the part about the salesman... And befuddlement.

Naked men in conjunction with torture devices. Alarming.

I see you were instructed in penmanship. I was the special project of my third-grade traveling penmanship instructor because my writing was gloriously abysmal. Later on he gave me a gold star.

July 22, 2008  

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