Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Henk Feijen Collection

Anker Hoffman (1904-1985)

The Dutch collector,
Henk Feijen,
has kindly sent me pictures
of the 20th C. sculpture
in his collection.

Back in earlier days of the Chicago Art Institute,
the collection was sometimes displayed by collector
rather than by date, period, or style.

The historicizing philosophy of modern scholarship
terminated that trend ---

but I think that's still a good idea,
because with an uncountable (and ever growing)
number of art works from which to choose,
the role of the collector
is nearly as important as that of the artist
in creating visual culture.

And I would say that the choices made
by the amateur collector are
far more important than those made
by the professional museum curator

because collectors have to live
with their choices every day.

So without further commentary,
here's the Feijen collection
(or, at least, my favorite parts of it)

One thing that I've been noticing lately
is how specific styles of figure sculpture
are to each nationality --
even in this modern era
where the curriculum of schools
and the canon of famous artists
is pretty the same
from one country to another.

There are distinctly Spanish, Italian, French,
American, Russian, Japanese, Belgian etc
ways of aestheticizing the human body,
and the Feijen collection seems to be
distinctly northern European.

Valentin "Una"


Vittorio Guttner (1869-1937)

Willhelm Andreas (b.1882)

Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1962)

Pierre Le Faguays

Ferdinand Preiss (1882-1943)

Richard Gaston Dufour

Spiro Schwatenberg (1898-1922)

Jan Toorop (1858-1928)

Limousin foundry

Lucien Alliot (1877-1956)

M. Saiy, 1920

Paul Ducuing (1868-1949)

Helmuth Schievelkamp, b. 1849

Henry Calot

J.Dommisse (1878-1955)

Jacques-Auguste Fauginet

Jan Antheunis (1896-1973)

Franz Bergman Foundry (Vienna)

Friedrich Goldscheider

Georges Petit (1879-1958)

Ghanu Gantcheff (Bulgaria)

Harry Van den Thillart (b. 1915)

Chiparus (1886-1947)

Edouard Drouot (1859-1945)

Edouard Drouot

Emil Cauer (1867-1946)

Emil Cauer

Edouard Drouot

Alfredo Pina (1883-1966)

Anders Jensen Bundgaard (1964-1937)

Vincent Becquerel (1893-1981)

Charles Samuel (1862-1938)


Anonymous marly said...

I like seeing a group from a collector for the same reasons that I like reading an anthology from an editor...

June 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, this is not the comment you would expect I think, but non the less it's very important to me do try it. Is Henk Feijen living in Grathem in the Netherlands? Because if he does, I'm his son, and I want contact with him very much. I know he collects art so it could be, could you let me know? I miss him, kind regards, Lars Feijen

thank you

September 30, 2009  

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