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Artopolis 2008 - Paintings

Ernest Albert (1857-1946)American

The empty - the full,
the mystery of the orient,
working the same territory
as Hovsep Pushman

Harald Pryn (1891-1968) Denmark

Something about this recent winter in Chicago,
so thoroughly documented here
made me especially interested
in snow scenes from around the world.

There's something so prim and proper
about this Danish landscape.
Just a little too civilized

Robert C. Breer (b. 1926)

A fun, artsy fellow
who's best known for his short

... but I really like his geo-form designs as well.
(it would make a great jazz album cover)

Maurice Menardeau (1897-1977)

I feel like I'm in this room -
I'm ready to look at the paintings -
and then plop down on the sofa

Preston Dickenson (1889-1930)

Nothing like a fun day in the park
(with possibly some
psychedelics involved)

Enrique Santana

One of my favorite Chicago painters
(and our glass box architects
should love him too)

Enrique Santana

I've seen this Chicago Tribune facility
dozens of times.

But I never thought it could look this good.

Raphael Soyer (1899-1987)

I am such a fan of this man's drawings,
and now his paintings as well.

Don't you know these people?
(well -- maybe you have to be Jewish)

(and the detail areas are delicious)

Jeremy Long

An up and coming Chicago painter,
this painting is H*U*G*E
(maybe -- 15 feet long?)

O.K. -- maybe the self reference
gets just a bit tiring
(it seems like all of his paintings are
both huge - and about himself and family)

But Rembrandt did a lot of self portraits, too
didn't he?

Here's a
of his work.

John Hartman

is a Canadian painter
who paints cities
like Soutine painted a rotting carcass.

Above is London

John Hartman

and here's my adopted city, Chicago.
It feels a bit predatory doesn't it ?

Like some kind of voracious sea creature.

Jule Rene Herve (1887-1981)

So many good painters and sculptors from
that generation

Kees Van Dongen (1877-1968)

A modern Mona Lisa,
what message is she sending
with that blinking eye of hers?

Francis Chapin (1899-1965)

A leading Chicago painter
of his day.

(and that's how the city
still feels to me)

George Charles Robin (France, 20th C.)

The kind of painting I want to move into
and stay for a few days
when the rest of the world
feels a bit too burdensome.

Hashiguchi Goyo (1881-1921)

A dedicated student of the genre,
He died tragically young,
completing only 14 prints.

But - yes -- he is worthy
to be placed beside his hero -
the great Utamaro.

Hans Hofmann (1880-1966)

I hate ABX,
but like Hans Hofmann.

He's fun.

Does this mean I'm as neurotic as Jackson Pollock?

Andy Pankhurst, b.1968

It's just a wall, a door,
and a few twigs,
but I enjoyed it.

Andy Pankhurst

He's makes painting
a nude figure seem easy,
by mostly ignoring the nude.
A good strategy!

Every year
the antiques fair
shows an engaging
painting by an unknown painter.
No name - no date - no nothing.

The poor devil has been totally lost to history.

Except that this brief flicker of his vision
lives on.

Charles Warren Eaton (1857-1937)

What a delightful little romp through space.
Are Cezanne landscapes any better?

Eugene Laloue 1854-1941

Another one of those scenes
where I hear the people talking
and smell the smoke from a kitchen stove.


Anonymous marly said...

I enjoyed these--particularly the ones with buildings, and the Eaton. What is it about Santana, making the ugliness gleam? I like your tentacular description of Hartman as well--maybe it was just "predator," but I thought of tentacles...

July 24, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when firstly i saw it ,it's really interesting to me for enjoying a view like that,particularly cause it's very nice than other. I hope there also will added any other pictures connected to that .

August 10, 2009  
Blogger mines said...

i really pleased on joying these stated pictures above,because of its views was so beautifully appeared trough the posting above is really determine how should we imagine on our natural environmental around us availlabe here and there

August 10, 2009  

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