Monday, March 17, 2008

Rj's Last Birthday: VIP guests

The arrival of the Guest of Honor

switching into a more comfortable hat.

(both hat and mauve leather jacket
are recent acquisitions from
a thrift store in eastern Tennessee)

The arrival of the family matriarch

(in a new outfit,
purchased the previous day,
while RJ and Danny were shopping for glue
and a new flat-screen monitor,
the current tools of his trade)

The arrival of the oldest grandaughter
(who will soon give birth to Loki,
the oldest great grandson)

The oldest great grand daughter
(posing in front of her grand mother)

Aliyah is part Persian,
part Armenian,
part Hillbilly,
and, of course,
part Miller

The arrival of the super-model,

She hasn't doffed her clothes for many years now,
but her figure is everywhere
that Miller sculpture can be seen

The party in full swing,
with artists and relatives
of many generations.

(in the foreground is local sculptor,
Walter Driesbach)

The man standing
with his back to the camera
is my beloved brother, Eric,
and the rugged profile beside him
belongs to my cousin, Jeff.

The master of ceremonies
for this event
Danny Leonard.

(who , over the past year,
has also been enabling the feeble RJ
to complete the sculptures
that he has designed on the computer)

The professional musician
engaged for this event.

(Danny met her at an A.A. meeting,
and it turns out she has the unique ability
to play Bach upside-down)

This - and the pictures that follow -
were taken by Cousin Doug,
so I am finally appearing
on the other side of the lens.

To my left - are my brother and neice

Here's my wife, Beth
entertaining my niece and her husband
(while my mother is in the foreground)

The partial remains
of the birthday cake,
with its unusual thematic scene
(Danny had to take it back to the bakery
to get them to make the picture
larger than a postage stamp)


Anonymous Amanda J. Sisk said...

Simultaneously amusing and poignant.

March 17, 2008  
Blogger Robert said...

Looks like a good party. Like the coat and hat.

March 17, 2008  
Anonymous Misha said...

Chris, you have had a great teacher from the start.
You are a lucky one.
I wish your father to be well.

March 19, 2008  

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