Saturday, February 03, 2007

I fall in love too easily

I fall in love too fast

I fall in love too ter-ri-bly hard

For love to ev-er last

(Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne -- sung, most memorably, for me, by Chet Baker)

And the sculpture is by my new discovery - Robert Metzges -- a German sculptor I discovered today while searching for someone else -- Walter Arnold -- a leading sculptor of the GDR

And of course he went to art school in the GDR -- where -- ironically -- the traditions of German sculpture survived until the end of the USSR.

.. and being born in 1954 -- he's even younger than me -- how exciting to find ---

--- sculptural feeling so much like that of Adolph Von Hildebrand (shown above)--

I'm not so enamored of his nudes -- but maybe it's just the photograph -- speaking of which -- why doesn't he have his own website -- or , at least, have his galleries show larger pictures ?

WHY ALL THESE STINGY LITTLE PICTURES ??? So people won't get to enjoy the pieces without buying them ??? ... it's so absurd.

But I do like these costumed figures (has someone else been looking at Tang terracotta?)

This piece is lifesize -- so I'm doubting the small photo gives any sense of it -- but I'm guessing that I'd like it.

And besides ---- I'm in love -- with Robert Metzges imaginary women.


Anonymous Joy In Life said...

Another interesting find, Mr. Miller! The "costumed" piece has aspects I enjoy, and the final image has a wonderful, subtle use of tension where her hand grasps her dress. I think it is challenging to carry off painting one's pieces in this manner (Really, why should it be? Are too many of us ignorant of the gaudy paint that adorned ancient marbles, conditioned as we are to the Renaissance's ignorant purity?).

I visited another studio last week and thought of you - it was full of women. Paddy Campbell. His studio is right next to the sculpture studio at the school.

February 04, 2007  
Anonymous marly said...

Full of stony naked ladies, one presumes...

I suppose these are far less colorful than the painted classical marbles, aren't they?

They have a "distressed" look that current fashion must find appealing. Also, there's a pleasing earthen palette.

I imagine that we would be startled by the sheer gaud of painted marbles...

Yes, I'd like one of these. I like them all except the nude, who is entirely too chalky-looking for me. The idea of lolling in that state of corruption is alarming.

February 04, 2007  

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