Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Peter Woytuk

Steritt Kelsey gave me list of her favorite sculptors -- and so far, the one who most intrigues me is Peter Woytuk:

How do these large things really look to the eye instead of to the camera lens ? Maybe I'll never know -- but I'm feeling optimistic.

I don't think I've ever seen sculpture this big that wasn't just a gag -- over-size toys -- (including some monumental Boteros that visited Chicago about five years ago) -- things that belong in a Natural History Museum or an amusement park or a museum of contemporary art.

But what if these were wonderful ? I think it's a possibility -- and I liked the story that Souren Melikian told about the sculptor -- how his father was an architect -- how he started out as a minimalist -- but was born-again as a figure sculptor under the guidance of Philip Grausman.

Here is Woytuk's website -- and here is Grausman's. (and frankly -- I prefer Woytuk)


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