Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chicago Ugly

Chicago had a 20th century tradition of joining the old-master tradition of figure representation with a vision of ugliness.

The most famous painter of this school was Ivan Albright:

The best known (but still little-known) sculptor was Szukalski:

(fans have made a web-gallery for him here

And here's a drawing by Fred Berger, a recently deceased master, member of the "monster roster", and beloved teacher:

When is ugly just ugly -- and when is it powerful/majestic/uplifting ?


Anonymous MikeMcConnell said...

Ugly is uplifting and contemplative when artistic acesticism penetrates to the primal and essential.See Thomas Mrytek's portrait bust of Gerhart Hauptman in the German portraits of Hauptman section of the Ilovefiguresculpture website.


June 15, 2006  

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