Thursday, March 28, 2019

Ten Painters of Chicago Cityscapes

Andy Paczos

These  artists,
though not necessarily these paintings,
will be included in an exhibit of
Cityscapes of Chicago
that will run September 3 through September 26, 2020
at the Palette and Chisel Academy,
1012 N.  Dearborn in Chicago.

Finding these artists was not easy!
It's taken over ten years
of visiting about a thousand  art exhibitions.
(those reviewed are listed here )

 Even then, I missed some very good ones
who were introduced to me by Wendy Greenhouse,
an historian of Chicago art.

I have certainly missed many others, as well,
perhaps even the very best.


Note: none of the members
of the Palette and Chisel Academy
have been included,
however a juried selection of their cityscapes
will be shown concurrently
in an  adjoining gallery.

Brian Wells

David Rettker

Dmitry Samarov

Emily Rapport

Emmett Kerrigan

Enrique Santana

Kevin Swallow

Marion Kryczka

Sandra Holubow

Whoops -- looks like
I couldn't stop at ten.

Here's some more:

Art Chartow

Albert Vidal

William Steele

Mary Phelan

Mary Arthur


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