Monday, May 21, 2018

Xavier Toubes at the Chicago Cultural Center

I've already written about this ceramicist in a review for New City back when he showed at Perimeter Gallery.  There's  not much more I could add about this show at the Chicago Cultural Center - except that perhaps it's even more hedonistic.

I wonder if he collects Javanese puppets ?  That piece on the left certainly reminds me of some mischievous demon in Wayang.

Every streak and drip feels so loose - yet so perfect.

Is that a self portrait of the artist's face at the very top ?  He's certainly given this figure a rather substantial manhood.

A seed pod for one of the magical plants that reaches higher than the clouds.

No need for any art criticism of this artist -- he has concisely described his own work.

Except that -- since his objects do bring to mind human beings - I would query what kind of the people they might be.

There's no Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Priam, Hector, or Odysseus here.

They're all lotus eaters.


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