Monday, June 13, 2011

The Sculpture Petting Zoo

Josef Korbel (1882-1954)

While searching for another exhibit
(I was given some bad directions)
I stumbled across the sculpture petting zoo
down in the children's area
in the basement of the Art Institute

Apparently, the pieces have been
specially coated
to withstand the rigors
of grimy little hands.

And though I was tempted, myself,
to fondle the marble and bronze surfaces,
it also turned out to be a nice exhibit
of 20th C. American sculptural portraiture.
(of which not a single piece is on display
in the adult galleries)

Marco Zim (1880-1963)

This is a thoroughly disparaged genre
which is now suitable only for child's play,
but maybe someday
it will once again be invited
to sit at the big people's table.

But why was this bust
from the Tang Dynasty
also included?

It's not like there's another one
just like it
on display in the Chinese rooms.

It's a nice piece.

These pieces from western Mexico
were also shown in that area
(though not for petting)

And again, I'm wondering
why they aren't being shown
in the adult galleries.

I never get tired of this genre.

If the museum has more of it
stashed away somewhere,
I which they'd shove it
into a display case.


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