Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Arthur Putnam

Just came across
more pictures
from the work
of Arthur Putnam (1873-1930)

An extraordinary anamalier
who spent a few months
with Edward Kemeys and Rupert Schmidt
but was basically self-taught
following his interest
in wild creatures.

He went for
the essential gesture.

And what's so remarkable
is that not only did he capture the animal
but he controlled the
form-expressing clay
and became so attached
to the perfection of the final results
that he took up bronze casting.

Sadly, his career was cut short
by a brain tumor
after little more than a decade.

His rippling form
was just as dynamic as Rodin's,
but the human figure
just didn't fired him up as much.

just weren't wild enough
for him.

(Btw, here's one from the Met )


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