Saturday, January 29, 2011

Arvid Kallstrom

What a fine public monument by
Arvid Kallstrom (1893-1967).

This figure seems so
cheerful and sophisticated.

If he were a banker
he would definately
give you the loan.

And how well it sits
the building behind it.

a well-ordered
but compassionate

But also a society
where people
like to run around
with their clothes off.

They seem so comfortable
out there in the front yard.

Scandinavian countries
are just a little more comfortable
with nudity
than us North Americans.

They're cheerful about it.

And Kallstrom
comfortably moves among
a variety
of styles

What a delightful head!

But mostly
he just likes to play.

And I suppose that's why
everything he does
feels so enjoyable.


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