Monday, March 16, 2009

The little Etruscan Warrior

Here he is, at last.

The 5th C. BCE
Etruscan Warrior
that my father said
was the best sculpture
in the Cincinnati Art Museum

as you can see,
I had a hell of a time
taking shots of it.

He used to stand alone,
in a case all by himself,
as the proud acquisition
of the museum's director,
Philip Adams.

But now,
he's been demoted
to a community case
that he has to share
with all the other refugees
from the ancient Greek/Italian world.

And, he's so skinny,
my camera
insisted on focusing
on the objects behind him.

...while the glass display case
fills my images with reflections

But, hopefully,
you will get some idea
of what the piece is like.

Proud and unbowed!

despite 2500 years
of adverse history


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