Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Judith and Holofernes

Hermann Geibel

Just discovered this 20th C.
German sculptor,
and loved his vision
of a mean, young Judith

Quite a contrast to
Donatello's stately version
from the 15th Century

(and I was surprised
at how few good pictures
are showing this piece
on the internet.
In fact -- none of them are
very good except for this detail shot)


But what about the rest of
sculpture history?

there must be some others,
..... besides myself


and true to form,
Robert has replied
with the following:

these are, of course,
more pictures of the Donatello piece.

But that one is so incredible
it's not possible to have too many views.
(and according to Robert,
it was the first sculpture
to which the master signed his name)

Is it one of the great sculptures of all time ?
Yes - without a doubt.

But can I believe that a top general
would have taken
this tough-looking woman to bed
in the first place ?

I'm afraid not.

German, late 16th Century

Is this really Judith ?
Or.. is it a peasant woman
harvesting a head of cabbage ?

late 17th Century

It doesn't look this dominating Judith
ever had to take her clothes off

Lorenzo Ghiberti

Here's an unsigned piece
from the early 20th C.

This one could also serve
as a Salome,
i.e. a girl who is just as bad
as she can be


Blogger Robert said...

Yours in blue? Great stuff Chris.

January 12, 2009  
Blogger chris miller said...

Yes - that's mine in blue.

BTW -- Robert -- I'm counting on you to find some more examples of this theme in sculpture (you've been so helpful with Leda)

January 12, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...

The Geibel sculpture is excellent, and of course it's structure is based heavily on Donatello's own "David".

July 01, 2012  

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