Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ludka's Jewelry on Oak Park Avenue

Last Saturday afternoon,
crowds of happy shoppers
filled Oak Park Avenue

dickering with the common street vendors
as they hawked their wares
in the warm September sun

When I came across this
magnificent display of jewelry
made by none other
than that out-of-control aesthete,

If Ludka weren't a real person,
she would have to be invented
by some kind of romantic novelist.

All the places she's visited
(she leaves for Nepal in 10 days),

all the students she's taught piano
(many prize winners there)

all the lovers she's had
(vital, interesting men, one and all)

Her incredible house and garden
(NOBODY has a garden like Ludka's)

... and that's not even to mention her collection
of object's d'art
(including several pieces made by yours truly)

.. and on top of all that...
Ludka is busy every night making jewelry
(she used to make stained glass windows)

because she just never sleeps.

Isn't this display
so cool and refreshing ?

it's kind of the essence
of her Czech aesthetic

This is the jewelry
that Captain Von Trapp
would have given Maria

(not too expensive,
but pure, clear, simple, and beautiful,
just like Julie Andrews in the movie)

I'd love to attend a party
where these mannekins came to life
and chatted about
their travels and romances


Blogger marlyat2 said...

Whimsical Chris, with his chattering mannequins!

Now you must go and photograph her garden, because I like gardens so much--and your last foray into green sculpture was appealing.

September 20, 2007  
Anonymous Odette said...

Thanks for writing this.

November 10, 2008  

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