Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ben Whitehouse

Before I forget (again) -- I'd better show this link to my pick for the best landscape painter in (and of) our area, Ben Whitehouse

One thing to keep in mind -- these paintings are LARGE -- he likes to paint rivers -- and, for reasons that I cannot explain, his paintings smell damp -- i.e. I feel like I'm actually on the rivers that he's painting. (and maybe I have been -- I've floated down quite a few)

I wonder how many years it will be before he gets shown at the Art Institute ? Will either one of us still be alive ?


Blogger Robert said...

Great stuff Chris. I too hope the Institute see his work. It would be great to see some larger images on the net to get a better grasp!

November 27, 2006  
Anonymous marly said...

These are lovely--the glimmering still rivers with that ever-fascinating mirror repetition of the world but changed. Of those, I especially like "Stream (Evening)." And the simplicity of "River Dart." There's a streaming effect even when he's not painting water, as in the lines and bands of trees in "View from Ochendonn" or the passage of pale grasses in "Moorland (Cawdor)." I like both of those.

December 07, 2006  

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