Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two Living Sculptors

Great excitement from the internet last week, as viewers of my website introduced me to two living sculptors, Per Ung (Norway) and Casto Solano (Spain)

This is Solano's monument in Bilbao, Spain -- a wonderful medition on Mercury -- the god of (classical) learning -- as a child toying with a little classical statue -- ready to grow up and support/inspire the arts to a second Renaissance. This picture was sent to me by the artist himself -- accompanied by the following poem.(What greater honor can a blogger receive ?)

"Despacio, lee despacio el mensaje y despuees detente a pensar .. Si el mundodes ordenado cabe en tan solo dos cajones, ? como podemos convivar con differentes evoluciones, alimentando el sub sistir de primitivas razones que enajendan a las mentes y permiten a tiranos regalarnos sus traiciones ?

Deprisa, Ileva el mensaje depris, Pero en alas de la brisa, que no en los vientos rasantes que van rozando las gentes, que van calentando mentes, que van rompiendo do los brazos, que van dejando pedazos.

Despierta, no des la espalda. Regala al nino experiencia, pon la sonrisa en su cara y espantara la tristeza. Que lleve alegre el mensaje, elevando alto su vuelo, buscando un mundo feliz."

Per Ung (born 1933) is evidentally a black sheep in a nation of black sheep (Norway). Judging from a catalog published in Oslo, 20th Century Norwegian sculpture joined the modern classical movement in 1900 (Gustav Vigeland) -- but did not follow the rest of the art world down the primrose path after 1950 --- they stuck to a plastic expression that was figurative, powerful, and in the case of Per Ung, maybe too powerful (Per Ung was omitted from the catalog).

Look at his Adam ! Not the big, simple, gentle Adam of the Renaissance --- but a wild Adam who has just sinned and fallen. (whose features seem to resemble Mr. Ung himself) Just like the bleacher bums when a their baseball hero has blasted another baseball into the stands --- on my knees in reverence, I am chanting "We are not worthy .. we are not worthy"

His website is at:

(where the excellent animal sculpture of Elena Engelsen (born 1952) can also be found.)


Anonymous marly said...

I like both of these, but my heart goes out to the little boy: the rounded shoulders; the tiny phallic statue; the whole relaxed shape of the body; and the alert expression on the face--as of some newt or otter, sleek, curious, peering up from the water.

December 12, 2006  
Blogger chris miller said...

Back when we're kids -- the god of learning gets shoved down our throats.

But the older I get -- the more vulnerable he seems to be.

A naked, helpless little boy -- who either grows up inside us -- or not.

December 12, 2006  
Anonymous marly said...

My little boy who grew--or my muse, say--knows that all he knows is a glittering heap, though just a mote compared to all there is to know. He also knows that a great many people don't see him--don't mean well--would crush his kind. Maybe that is, in part, why he insists on singing--to make a palace of vowels and consonants where he can live.

December 13, 2006  

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