Saturday, December 31, 2005

Aron Zinshtein at Lincoln Terrace Gallery

Lincoln Terrace gallery is a storefront gallery/studio/home for a small family of art loving, impecunious, Jewish-Russian immigrants in Skokie -- one of whom is the sister of my friend Misha from the Bad Art Society. So this is an insider review -- and I should add that I met the artist, Aron Zinshtein, last Summer (didn't talk with him though -- no English) What a funny person ! Small, round, jovial -- and always drawing -- I mean ALWAYS -- in the taxi-cab, on the street, probably even in the john -- the pen never never leaves his hand. (he even made a drawing of me --
a cartoonish figure with an enormous mouth) His work is childish -- using, in this
exhibit -- the same materials we had in grade school: opaque water based paints -- and displaying the same impulsiveness, wonder, and self-centeredness of children of all ages. But he's a child by design, not just circumstance, so one look is not enough for his paintings -- they're tasty and captivating -- and happy/sad. I don't
think there's enough there for one to hold my attention -- but an entire room of them kept me walking in circles. There's the feeling of being a child dropped into the big people's world -- kind of scary -- kind of confusing -- and clinging to the little touches that keep us happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

You are amazing!!
You are definately giving Sister Wendy a run for her money.

Truthfully, I haven't read much here as I can't sit long at the computer but I will print some of it out. I am going next to your sculpture web site.

Love, Gale Vance

January 28, 2006  
Anonymous Gale Vance said...

Hi Chris, Gale again. Well I printed out your entire blog and very much enjoyed and agreed with your assessments. You know, I think I have always felt that I jive with your perceptions.
It was a pleasure to read your comments. Thanks. Gale

January 30, 2006  
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